At Crown Estate Services, our mission is simple:  to serve as your comprehensive solution for all the needs of your luxury estate and lifestyle.  Above all, our commitment to understanding  needs allows us to tailor a solution designed to fit you and your estate and be refined over time.  We understand that no two families are alike, even if the issues are similar.  Whether you are in the market for a new home, preparing to renovate an existing home, managing an art or vehicle collection or planning a special event, our decades of experience allow us to provide a service team who can provide comprehensive solutions to meet expectations.

Estate Services to
Fit Your Needs

Crown Estate Services has over fifty combined years of experience in the lifestyle, operation and planning requirements of High Net Worth (HNW) and Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) families.  We provide exemplary service to estate and household managers, individuals, architects, and builders.  We work behind the scenes to deliver solutions customized to match client needs, enhance experiences and improve efficiency.  We are in the business of creating time for our clients and understand the need for a service environment that appears effortless, warm and inviting.  Our goal is to listen, develop expectations, and provide solutions and systems that will enhance your quality of life.  We invite you to review our services list to learn more and we look forward to being of value to your household.


  • Construction plan assessment
  • Owner Representation
  • Technology assessment


  • Art
  • Vehicle
  • Facility
  • Security
  • Assets
  • Relocation


  • Prepare travel experiences
  • VIP yacht or jet charters
  • Create and plan special events
  • Office administration duties


Tammy Goforth

CEO / Founder

Tammy founded Crown Estate Services with a deep personal desire to enrich the lives of others.  With more than 25 years of unmatched experience providing estate and luxury project management to high net worth (HNW) and ultra-high net worth (UHNW) clients, she has built a reputation for delivering solutions in a discreet, confidential manner.  She collaborates with clients to deliver strategic results while anticipating their operational challenges.

Tammy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture with a minor in Architecture from the University of Tennessee and an Associates in Architectural Engineering from Nashville State Technological College.  She practiced Landscape Architecture in the private sector for 10 years prior to joining the Private Service Profession.

Charles Aston

President / Chief Technology Officer

Charles Aston is an IT consultant, home control expert and project manager. He specializes in customized home automation, audio-visual solutions, network infrastructure, and cybersecurity, all with the highest integrity and confidentiality. With over 25 years of experience supporting ultra-high net worth estates and properties, he is a master of creating innovative solutions to meet client expectations.

Charles has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Texas A&M University and has been trained in multiple facets of IT, while maintaining technical certifications, and is currently pursuing Certified Information Security Manager certification. He is strategic and collaborative in finding innovative solutions to meet client needs.

Charles Aston

Bob Braitkrus

Director of Properties

Bob is a multifaceted culinary expert with over 27 years of experience in private family service, event planning, commercial fine dining, fast casual retail.  He has a passion for modern, healthy cooking and can easily adapt to cater to a client’s unique lifestyle.  His career has been focused on supporting ultra-high net worth clients in a private and confidential environment with responsibilities that include coordinating multiple estates and providing a full range of service from casual to formal.   


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